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Supercharge Your Growth with AI-Powered B2B Lead Generation

Harness the power of predictive marketing AI to discover hyper-qualified B2B leads, fine-tune targeting with 20+ filters, and seamlessly integrate with your tools for unmatched business growth.

Pricing:Freemium, $99/mo
Semrush rank:737.9k
Location:Tempe, United States of America
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  • AI Discovery: Locate your ideal B2B audiences with precision using our AI that taps into various sources like CSV, CRM, and social profiles.
  • Advanced Filters: Apply over 20 filters including job titles, industry, and company growth indicators to refine your lead lists.
  • Activable Data: Access ultra-qualified leads complete with essential contact information to engage and convert.
  • Hyper Segmentation: Segment your data efficiently with our powerful AI for targeted marketing initiatives.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Enjoy a seamless experience with our intuitive, self-service interface designed for all user levels.
  • Built-in Data Cleaning: Save time with data pre-cleaned by our system, ensuring you get the most accurate leads.
  • Super-Reactive Support: Receive expert support and onboarding assistance whenever you need to set up your audiences.
  • Easy Integrations: Connect our platform with your favorite tools for a streamlined lead generation process.

Use Cases:

  • Targeted Lead Generation: Businesses can swiftly identify and acquire B2B leads tailored to specific industry parameters and growth potential.
  • Efficient Outreach: Sales teams can utilize accurate contact info to reach out to potential clients, enhancing outreach efficiency.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Marketing professionals can create hyper-segmented campaigns based on detailed lead data for better conversion rates.
  • Data Management: With built-in data cleaning and AI segmentation, companies can manage and utilize their lead data more effectively.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate lead data into existing CRM platforms to enrich sales strategies and customer insights.

The integration of AI and predictive analytics empowers your business to elevate B2B lead generation, streamline data management, and amplify growth with targeted, actionable leads.

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