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CheatGPT - Your GPT-4 Study Assistant

Use CheatGPT to get instant, accurate answers to your questions. Our AI-powered study assistant is always online and affordable.

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Location:Reykjavik, Iceland
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  • Answer to your photos: Upload your photo of text, and we'll extract the text and provide an answer.
  • Supports multiple languages: Ask questions and receive answers in various languages.
  • Paraphrase your sentences: Choose the tone and style, and we will rephrase your sentences.
  • Translations and grammar corrections: Translate sentences to multiple languages, and correct grammar errors.

Use Cases:

  • Education: Get answers to questions in a multitude of subjects – history, science, technology, mathematics.
  • Business: Translate contracts and other documents, receive instant answers to questions.
  • Personal use: Get instant answers to questions on any topic – cooking, health, travel, and more.

CheatGPT is an affordable yet powerful study assistant, with unique features that set us apart from ChatGPT.

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CheatGPT Alternatives:
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1. Ask AI 2010

ChatGPT is a personal assistant that provides instant answers and simplifies life.

wearable technology
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2. GPT Virtual Assistant 2010

ChatGPT Virtual Assistant provides efficient assistance for quick task completion and answering questions.

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Free + $19/mo
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3. Instant Answers 2023

Chatbot for website. Quick answers. No coding needed.

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Free + $9.99/mo
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4. QuizWizardGPT 2023

TeacherTools GPT improves teaching efficiency and experience, offering free initiation.

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Free + 19.99/mo
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5. My AskAI 2023

Create custom AI chatbot, get instant answers, save time.

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6. Studyable 2023

A study platform with a vast collection of resources and AI-powered essay assessment.

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7. UseChatGPT

It enhances productivity by offering various AI-powered text-related features for webpages.

chrome extensions
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$ 5
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8. TextGPT 2022

TextGPT provides quick answers and generates realistic images through text messages.

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9. GPTGo

Enables instant ChatGPT searches in browser for improved study efficiency.

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